Friday, October 24, 2008

New website and blog

Hi everyone. My new web site and blog is up and running.

Web site:

The blog is running but still going thru a transition.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lindsay and Nick get married!

Recently Jennifer from JWC Fotos asked me to 2nd shoot a wedding with her. That happened this weekend. Jennifer is great to work with, I love her positive attitude and bubbly personality. My wife and I met Jennifer and her husband Curt a few months ago and we had a great time. We found Lindsay and Nick easy to work with and was loads of fun. While Jennifer was off shooting the girls, me and the boys went off and had some fun of our own.

When you're finished here head on over to Jennifer's Blog and see what she's been up to.

Friday, October 17, 2008

New web site up and running

Please be patient with my blog for a few days. I upgraded my web site located at
Since I changed domains none of my photo's will load, we are in the process of resolving this issue.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ashley - Downtown Lees' Summit Part 1

We had a blast today taking Ashley through downtown Lee's Summit to shoot her senior photos. Ashley has a sweet spirit and joy oozes through her beautiful smile. We couldn't have asked for a more dramatic sky. It offered beautiful blue, dark, stormy, and even sun shine in between the clouds.
This is part one of a two part shoot. Next stop will be downtown Kansas City.

We had so many good photos it was hard to stop with these few.

And now a word from Vanna.

Friday, October 3, 2008

2008 Christmas Cards

It’s the time of year to start thinking about Christmas Cards. I was shocked to see Christmas things in the mall the other day. My wife got me thinking about Christmas cards a month ago so we got started early this year.

It’s getting increasingly harder getting everyone together, especially with our son away in collage. This year we are ahead of the game and our card is already designed. I advise the same for you. Start thinking now about what you would like in your cards and the information you'd like to share with loved ones.

Below is are samples to give you ideas. Should you need more information go to

You can order custom designed Christmas card with images of your choice. Cards come in a variety of choices, from:

5x7 Wide Format Folded card template
5x7 Folded card template
5x7 Flat card template
5x5 Trifold card template
4x5.5 Flat card template
4x5.5 Folded card template the standard flat front and back prints to 5x7

Order's come in set’s of 25 cards.
Flat 5x7's (printed on 1 side only) can be ordered in any quantity size.
Here are some card examples:

Folding card. Front, Back, and Inside:
Card set of 25 (Front and Back).

Flat card. Front and Back.
Card set 25 (Front and Back).
Individual quantities for front side prints only.

Tri-fold card printed on both sides.
Card set 25.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Recent Trip to Chicago

Sunday morning I traveled to Chicago to update my SAP skills. Sunday afternoon I had a small window of time to photograph family "C" and present them with Christmas Card templates. Here are a few photos from the shoot and in another day or so I show you some Christmas samples I'm offering this year.

Dad and the kids were having a great time here. As dad bent forward then back up the kids felt like they were on a roller coaster ride. The laughter was contagious.

After the laughter slowed I was able to capture quieter pictures of the boys.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

October Fest

Lees Summit is in the middle of Octoberfest and it's great entertainment for all. Loved walking around hearing all the kiddies scream as the rides raced by. The colors of the night and entertainment was loads of fun for all.

My wife Nancy and daughter Dani

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Photo's from the OneLight Workshop

Here's a few photo's from the OneLight Workshop just held in Kansas City.


Zack Arias - OneLight Workshop in Kansas City

WOW!!!! First of all my hat goes off to Zack for taking time to mentor other photographers and share how he creates such beautiful and unique pieces of art. We had a great time watching and learning from Zack as he shared his concepts of using just one light for a photo shoot. I was blessed having bought his OneLight DVD and watched it several times before the workshop. While many struggle to write down their notes, I filled in missing pieces of the puzzle, which easily fell into place during the workshop. Just so you understand, I'm not making a dime off his DVD. But, I will gladly promote it as the best explanation of off camera flash. Flash outside the studio without a light meter has always been a struggle for me and the inconsistency has really frustrated me. After watching Zacks DVD and trying the techniques on 3 shoots, his methods have proven easy and very repeatable. I respect those who use natural light, but I love the creativity that flash brings.

Having now pimped his DVD, if you get the concepts you still need creativity to produce a piece of work that stands out from other photographers. One thing that stands out for me is how creative Zack is with one light. To show you how stuck I was, the thought never occured to me to take a shoot through umbrella and point it away from the subject. The results are stunning.

One last thought. For those of you who think you cannot produce outstanding pieced of art with one off-camera flash and one light modifier valued at $200-$300, think again.

A Special Thank You to Stacey Schmitz Photography for opening up his studio for this workshop. Stacey
Now, I want to share with you photo's from the workshop. I am very pleased with my results, but when compared to Zack I have a long way to go.Thanks again Zack for sharing your wisdom and raising the bar!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Tonight I had an opportunity to take Mack out for a quick photo shoot. We arrived 30 minutes later then I wanted to but had a awesome session. I learned a lot about Mack, he has a passion for golf and politics and he works hard as he pursues both.
You can see we had a great time and the last bit of lighting was the icing on the cake.

The sun was dropping fast, we had just minutes to get this shot set up.

Mack performing his best Camilo Villegas imitation.

Heidi Part II

I couldn't help myself, we had so many great photo's from Heidi I just had to post a few more.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today I had an opportunity to work with some clowns as they brought loads of joy to a bunch of children. Our church, Abundant Life Baptist Church ,had it's annual carnival where all the entertainment, drinks, hot dogs, candy, and cotton candy are free. It's just one of the many ways they reach out to the community. I took over 300 pictures of the children as they posed with my new friends. Here is some of their colorful garb.