Thursday, September 25, 2008

Zack Arias - OneLight Workshop in Kansas City

WOW!!!! First of all my hat goes off to Zack for taking time to mentor other photographers and share how he creates such beautiful and unique pieces of art. We had a great time watching and learning from Zack as he shared his concepts of using just one light for a photo shoot. I was blessed having bought his OneLight DVD and watched it several times before the workshop. While many struggle to write down their notes, I filled in missing pieces of the puzzle, which easily fell into place during the workshop. Just so you understand, I'm not making a dime off his DVD. But, I will gladly promote it as the best explanation of off camera flash. Flash outside the studio without a light meter has always been a struggle for me and the inconsistency has really frustrated me. After watching Zacks DVD and trying the techniques on 3 shoots, his methods have proven easy and very repeatable. I respect those who use natural light, but I love the creativity that flash brings.

Having now pimped his DVD, if you get the concepts you still need creativity to produce a piece of work that stands out from other photographers. One thing that stands out for me is how creative Zack is with one light. To show you how stuck I was, the thought never occured to me to take a shoot through umbrella and point it away from the subject. The results are stunning.

One last thought. For those of you who think you cannot produce outstanding pieced of art with one off-camera flash and one light modifier valued at $200-$300, think again.

A Special Thank You to Stacey Schmitz Photography for opening up his studio for this workshop. Stacey
Now, I want to share with you photo's from the workshop. I am very pleased with my results, but when compared to Zack I have a long way to go.Thanks again Zack for sharing your wisdom and raising the bar!