Thursday, May 29, 2008

Clesie Learns to Catch a Frisbee

This weekend we had the family over and our nephew, Robbie, was kind enough to help out with some photo's of Clesie, our 9 month old Yellow Lab. Robbie threw the Frisbee so I could get a picture of Clesie catching it. He did awesome and learned quite fast, Clesie I mean. Only problem was the heat cut our session short. Fortunately I still go some good shots.

Hey - you looking at me?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Nancy

Today Nancy and I share our 25th wedding anniversary. Reflecting back I don't think we really know what love is when we get married. We think we do, but with 50% of marriages ending in divorce, both in and out of the church, I believe the statistics prove me to be on target.

Marriage is hard, even the good ones. You have to be willing to serve your spouse and place their needs above your own. It's about placing them and their needs ahead of your own. When we do this, life is much easier. When we got married we made a verbal contract to each other (and more importantly to God) that the only thing that would separate us would be death. We also agreed to never use the "D" word, divorce. In doing this, divorce was never an option to be considered. 25 years later, Nancy and I are not only married, but best friends as well. Has it been easy? No, not always and having a disable child didn't make it any easier.

Here's what I've learned:
To be fair I can't say we did it alone. We had help in a big way. You see, we have Christ walking with us every day and He guides us by His Holy Spirit. I'm not talking about some religious duty, I'm talking about a personal relationship with the Creator of all things. Placing God first in our lives has set our priorities for us and it's been a wonderful blessing. If we are not at peace with God, we will not be at peace with others. Said another way, it's hard to talk to God if sin is in our life. It's also hard to talk to your spouse in a peaceful manner if you've angered them or are upset yourself. If you talk to your partner in a demeaning or disrespectful manner, I encourage you to stop. Instead, say you are sorry, then let the healing begin.

So, looking back, has it been worth it? You bet!!!
I couldn't ask ask for a better best friend and wife.

Happy Anniversary my Love.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day - Lee's Summit. MO

Yesterday we celebrated Memorial Day. I hope you spent a few moments thinking about those who selflessly gave there lives to provide our country's freedom.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the men and women who have and are now serving our country in the armed services! Your sacrifices to protect our freedom is greatly appreciated. I also hope you were able to spend time with your family.

We were able to do both. After lunch we all piled in our cars and went to the cemetery to visit my mother in-law's grave. Jean pasted away a year and a half ago. She was greatly loved and we miss her.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Test Shots with Flash in Bright Sunlight

Here are test shots I did in the middle of a very sunny day using a canon flash and a Mark III 1DS. First, I set my camera on manual, then metered for the sky. I set my shutter at the maximum flash sync speed, 250, and then set the proper aperture exposer. Once I got the proper exposer, I underexposed by a stop using the aperture settings. Then I played with the flash until I achieved the proper fill flash. The result is a nice dramatic sky with a properly exposed subject.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Leighann & Dan

Here are photo's I took for PhotoMementos Studio in Lees Summit, MO.
Thank you Jan and Marco for allowing me to help.

All photo's are property of Jan and Marco at PhotoMementos
Jimmy Douglas©PhotoMementos

These pictures were taken at the Longview Chapel in Lees Summit, MO.

And here is the happy couple, what a beautiful day. Everything was perfect.