Tuesday, August 19, 2008

OneLight DVD set from Zack Arias

This weekend I received Zack's Arias OneLight DVD. For those of you who haven't heard of Zack I suggest you check out his blog. Zack does a great job explaining the relationship of flash, shutter speed, and exposure. He shows you how to create fantastic photo's with an inexpensive off camera flash such as the Canon 580ex , Nikon SB80dx ,more powerful Sunpac 120j, or if you have the big bucks a Quantum flash. Add a few pocket wizards and you add so many more options.

To get beautifully lit photo's add a simple modifier to your light, such as a tasty 60 inch umbrella or a Westcott Soft box. These simple soft-boxes open and work much like an unbrella, they fit in a simple umbrella adaptor.

So, if you are interested in photo's that don't have the deer in the headlight look, check out Zacks blog where he has great tutorials or visit the David Hobbie over at the Stobist, another great photogrpher. David does a great job with his Lighting 101 and Lighting 102 series. He also has a great section called On Assignment.
I will have some samples of Zacks lighting for you to see soon.