Sunday, April 6, 2008

Clesie - aka Ecclesiastes

Here's the newest member of our family. We had a great day at the lake, but Clesie didn't realize the edge of the lake dropped off into deep water. As a result, he became completely submerged.

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Clesie just loves toys and really anything he finds ends up becoming a toy. He's technically a "retriever" but has a small problem. Once he retrieves a toy, he expects you to chase him down to get it. Not so fun for us!

Here he is at the end of the day totally wasted. I took him for a 2 mile walk and a few hours later my wife took him out for her walk. He's truly had enough for the day. He told me, "Dad, slow down! I'm only six months old. Four miles in one day is just plain abuse!"